Wind Factors in Fishing

(Photo courtesy of In-Fisherman.com)
(Photo courtesy of In-Fisherman.com)

Play the wind to put more fish in your boat

From walleyes to white bass and lake trout to largemouths, knowing how to play the wind can mean the difference between a banner day and a trip you’d rather forget.

With the exception of dead-calm days, wind is an ever-present factor affecting when, where, and how to fish for a variety of gamefish. And even in breathless conditions, the after-effects of recent gusts can still affect the underwater world.

Depending on its strength, duration, and your location when it starts to blow, wind can be a blessing or a curse. When you’re trying to stalk close to a streambank and pitch a short cast to a basking trout, wind is your friend because it ripples the surface, making it harder for fish to see you.

Conversely, if you’re caught far offshore in a small craft during a gale, wind can be your worst nightmare. On waters ranging from the massive and unforgiving Great Lakes to shallow, easily windswept inland waters and even canyon reservoirs that act like hard-rock wind tunnels when the breeze blows, wind can make fishing impossible and threaten your life.


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