Understanding Barometric Pressure

(Photo courtesy of In-Fisherman.com)
(Photo courtesy of In-Fisherman.com)

If you’ve ever caught fish like a grand master one day and bombed the next – despite fishing the same area with the same presentation – you’ve probably scratched your head and wondered where the bad luck came from.

Truth be told, plenty of things can cause a sweet bite to turn sour, or, on the flip side, trigger a feeding frenzy of epic proportions. Factors such as fishing pressure, recreational boat traffic, and changes in water conditions can all affect the behavior and location of forage fish and larger predators.

By far, one of the least understood factors that influences fish and fishing is barometric pressure. Most anglers have heard the term a million times on the evening weather report, and even listened as other anglers blamed or credited air pressure for effecting their success. But few truly understand how this critical piece of the fish-behavior puzzle can help them catch more fish.


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