Tips for Catching Canadian Shield Lake Trout

(Photo courtesy of In-Fisherman.com)
(Photo courtesy of In-Fisherman.com)

No fish epitomizes the northern winter wilderness more than lake trout. That’s in part because this species lives in lonely, snowy places that warm the heart and stir the soul. Lakers share the rugged land with other secretive creatures like lynx, timber wolves, wolverine, woodland caribou, and moose that take us back to a bygone era when fur traders and explorers roamed the same wild country.

Another reason that lake trout appeal to so many winter anglers is because they grow large on the Canadian Shield and fight like Mike Tyson. It’s fun to finesse-fish for walleyes, crappies, bluegills, and perch but there’s something special about watching a lake trout blaze across your sonar screen in pursuit of a lure. It feels like your rod has been run over by a truck as the fish peels line under a screeching drag.


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