Quick & Easy Fish Casserole Recipes

Turn your fresh catch into a hearty, one-dish meal with these fish casserole recipes

Like many folks, I prefer my fish dredged in seasoned cornmeal and cooked in a deep fryer. There are times, however, especially when the fishing gods have been kind and my freezer contains lots of fillets or pan-dressed fish, when I like to prepare fish in a different manner for a change of pace.

One quick and easy way I really like is whipping up a casserole of some sort – a hearty one-dish meal that can be prepared for cooking in a half hour or less and leaves me feeling full and satisfied after dinner.

The type of fish you use in these recipes can be any kind you have on hand. Catfish is especially good, but you won’t be disappointed if you substitute bream, crappie, walleye, white bass, striper or any tasty saltwater species. Freshwater drum and redfish are two of my casserole favorites.

You can use frozen fillets if necessary, but for the very best flavor, use fresh fish whenever possible. When you have an option, use fresh herbs, vegetables and other ingredients as well. Fresh ingredients always make a casserole extra savory.

The cooking times given here are just guidelines. Be careful never to overcook the fish or it will get tough. Check the fish several times during cooking, and when the casserole ingredients are heated through and the fish is easily flaked with a fork, your dinner is ready. Enjoy!


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