Getting Started with the Right Fly-Fishing Gear

G.Loomis IMX-PRO (Photo courtesy of
G.Loomis IMX-PRO (Photo courtesy of

How to choose the right rod, line, reel, and other gear for your fishing

To get started fly fishing, at the very least you’ll need a rod, reel, line, and a box full of flies. If you are shore fishing for pond panfish or wet wading a small trout stream on a hot summer day, you can be comfortable in sneakers and shorts, but to fully immerse yourself in all trout fishing has to offer you’ll also need waders and boots; a wading jacket; and a vest or chestpack to help carry your flies, leaders, tippet, split-shot, hemostats, and often a water bottle, lunch, and camera.

Choosing a Rod

All rods have several important characteristics – length, line weight, and pieces. This information is usually printed in some abbreviated form on the base of the rod shaft near the cork grip or handle and on the outside of the rod tube.

Line weight: When someone says “I’m using a 4-weight rod,” they are not actually referring to the weight of the rod, they are referring to the weight of the line the rod is best suited for. (The actual weight of the rod in ounces is usually printed on the rod shaft along with the line weight.)


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