Cotton Clothing Benefits

(Photo courtesy of Realtree)
(Photo courtesy of Realtree)

The new lineup of Realtree cotton clothing is breathable, light-weight, and blocks out UV rays ' keeping you focused for long days on the water

Anglers and other outdoors enthusiasts have virtually unlimited choices in clothing tailored to hot and steamy weather conditions. Options in high-tech fabrics, weaves and features have expanded exponentially in recent years, but the time-tested performance of cotton remains an excellent option for keeping your cool and having more fun when the temperature soars.

Cotton’s benefits abound. For starters, it’s widely available and relatively inexpensive compared to other fabrics. But that’s only the beginning. Soft, absorbent, and breathable, cotton excels in sultry weather that turns other fabrics into skin-irritating sweat traps. Plus, it sheds odors more easily, thus extending time between washings and keeping you from stinking up your surroundings.

To put things in perspective, we offer the following laundry list of benefits.


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