Best Trout Lures

Trout are opportunistic predators that feed on a wide variety of forage and hit a broad spectrum of lures and baits. However, since trout can also be incredibly selective, if not downright picky eaters, the best lures and baits often mimic a specific type of aquatic meal or feeding opportunity.

The best of the best baits have a general appeal that can put fish on the bank and in the boat under a range of different conditions, including tough bites.

In-Line Spinners

In the hand, an in-line spinner doesn't resemble much of anything a sharp-eyed trout would willingly swallow. But throbbing through the water, the churning blade yields a deadly combination of flash and vibration that attracts attention and triggers strikes once trout move in for a closer look.

Some designs also feature bonus sonic stylings. The Blue Fox Classic Vibrax, for example, emits extra vibrations when its free-turning internal gear contacts the iconic bell-shaped body.


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