Best Times to Fish: The Solunar Calendar

(Photo courtesy of In-Fisherman.com)
(Photo courtesy of In-Fisherman.com)

Looking for the best times to fish? The FREE In-Fisherman Best Fishing Times Solunar Calendar provides personalized best times to fish for your location

Many top anglers place great faith in solunar theory – the best fishing times – planning to be on prime spots during major and minor periods. For example, veteran Oklahoma pro Tommy Biffle has consulted tables in planning fishing tournament strategies. He now uses the FishMate app on his iPhone as a source of major and minor feeding times wherever the Bassmaster Elite Series takes him.

“If I have a group of bass pinpointed, I make sure to fish that spot during a major period,” Biffle says, adding that this strategy has boosted his earnings at many events.

According to solunar theorists, major periods occur when the moon is directly overhead or directly below a reference longitude. Minors occur when it’s positioned at 90 degrees to either side. The moon’s orbit is not round, but elliptical. At the most distant point (apogee), the moon is about 252,000 miles away. At its closest position (perigee), it’s about 233,000 miles distant. Some theorists feel that the moon’s greater gravitational pull (as much as 20 percent stronger) means solunar peaks at this time create even better fishing potential.


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