Best Summer Clothing for a Sunny Day

(Photo courtesy of Realtree)
(Photo courtesy of Realtree)

Making sure you are wearing comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing can make a world of difference on a hot, sunny day

When I was a young boy in the 1970s, there were two basic types of fishing attire that an angler would wear on a warm summer day, all tailored from cotton fabric.

If you were a professional bass angler – like my Memphis, Tenn. hometown angling hero Bill Dance – you wore a short-sleeved zip-up jumpsuit complete with sponsor patches that helped provide a living on the fledgling professional bass fishing tournament trails.

And if you were a freckle faced boy eaten up with bass fishing, you wore shorts – usually cut-off blue jeans – and a t-shirt or a tank top. And some days, when I’d forget about the previous week’s sunburn on my fair skin, I’d go shirtless and have to get a reminder about the sun’s powerful effects.

These days, the attire of anglers, both professional and amateur alike, is different since there are ample new materials out there that give lightweight and breathable performance, not to mention vital protection from the elements and what we now know to be the harmful effects of too much direct sun exposure.


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